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Inspired by busy cities, and travel, la colección: La Vela de Viaje brings you around the world from the comfort of your home!

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  • Atlas - a Soy Tin Candle, made with care and only vegan products


    "I just bought half a dozen of chic candles from SVColeccion, a Spanish brand name selling scented products. It comes complete with gift wrap and cards...

    - Regina

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  • Review:

    Your EL SOL blend has me going back for more roll-ons. All the ingredients stand out naturally. Nice job coming up with this mix. Refreshing and balanced. - Ramesh

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  • Review:

    I gifted this balm to a friend who left for London, and she really likes the vibes, and she loves the scent! Planning on getting one for myself soon too. It has a floral and musky scent, which I dig. - Markus

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