Addressing some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have any queries? Contact us and ask away!

Are all of SVColección's products handcrafted?

Yes! We make all our products from scratch, including our handmade drawstring pouches - they are stitched by hand and no machine is used. All our product blends and scents are original creations of SVColección. 

What do you use to make the products? 

We try our best to stick to essential oils for candles, but we also have scent options that include fragrance oils. Our fragrance oils are phthalate and parabens-free. We try to incorporate at least 1 essential oil in our candle blends that include fragrance oil to bring a balance.

All our roller blends (with the exception of Noel) are made with only essential oils and carrier oil. Noel includes skin-safe Vanilla fragrance oil. We primarily use Sweet Almond oil, as it is safe for all skin types (tried by sensitive skin). All our balms are only made with the necessary ingredients. 

We list all the oils and ingredients that we use in our products, and also post behind-the-scenes on our Instagram and TikTok page @SVColeccion, for transparency purposes. 

What are the floral bits I see in my product? Can I get them in my roller too?

We use home-dried florals, such as marigold, homegrown butterfly blue pea flowers, assorted roses in our candles and balms. We use them to enhance the aesthetic of our products. We do not put them into roller blends (potions) or lip balms. If you would like to get something a little more special, check out our GEM collection.

Can we personalize our products? I want something to my liking I don't see in La Tienda.

Of course you can!  SVColección's main goal is to ensure you get something you want and really like. We currently offer personalization for Soy Tin candles, GEM potions (10ml roller blends), Vegan balms, and you can not only choose the oil blends you would like to have, you can also choose your personalized blend name! If you would like to leave it up to us, we will name your product for you. We keep all personalized ideas in our vault, and may release it in the future. For example, Soy Tin October was first a personalized candle, which we named, and it is now part of our Classic Collection! 

Head to Atelier to find a product you'd like to personalize, and we will contact you once we receive your order to update you! 

I see your most of your products seem to be vegan. Are they?

Almost all our products are vegan, with the exception of Perfume Balm, and Artisanal Lip balm, which contain beeswax. We have these options for those who prefer to the enjoy the bee-nefits of beeswax. We have vegan alternatives: Artisanal Vegan Lip Balm, and our Bestselling Vegan Balm. All the main ingredients we use, such as cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil are cruelty-free. The cocoa butter and shea butter are leaping-bunny certified. However, we are currently not certified Vegan or Cruelty-Free, but we can assure you that we don't use unnecessary ingredients, or test on cute little animals at any point during our production. 

Do you offer International Shipping?

Hai, we do! Check our Shipping page for more information. Kindly note that we currently do not ship liquid items, such as roller blends, diffuser blends, and do not ship Gourmet Soy or Soy Jar candles outside of Singapore. Our customs do not like to ship liquid products. We are currently working out the logistics to ship our Gourmet Soy and Soy Jar candles overseas.

I really love your products and would love to leave a review. But I can't find the place to leave it! :(

Thank you for supporting our small business! We greatly appreciate every review we receive. To leave a review, head to the item you purchased from us and under "What customers think", click on "write a review".  If you happened to purchase a seasonal item, you can contact us to find out which other product you can leave a review under instead, or select a classic scent, and insert the name of the product you bought. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

I would love to watch my order being made or packed. How can I do so?

We post behind-the-scene videos and clips on Instagram @SVColeccion. We post making and packing videos on our TikTok @SVColeccion. You can also leave requests for us to make or pack your order on TikTok :) Give us a like, follow and share! Thank you 🌸


What is your processing time for products?


Artisanal lip balm/Artisanal Vegan lip balm: 2-3 business days

Perfume balm: 3-5 business days (up to 7 days for personalized items)

Vegan balm: 2-6 business days (up to 7 days for personalized items) 


Mini Soy and Soy Tin: 3-6 business days

Soy Jar candles: 4-7 business days

Gourmet Soy candles: 5-9 business days

Amber Soy collection: 5-9 business days

Drawstring pouches/Bundles that come with Drawstring pouches

3-9 business days

Roller blends

Mini potions (5ml): 1-3 business days

Potions (10ml): 1-4 business days

GEM potions (10ml): 1-4 business days

Diffuser blends

2ml Tiny diffuser: 1-2 business days

5ml diffuser blend: 1-3 business days

Do you sell anywhere else, or in real life?

Yes, we are still on Etsy! If you would prefer to shop from a Marketplace, we're SVColeccion on Etsy. We don't currently have any real life stores or pop-ups. 

If I refer my friends to your store, what will I get out of it?

Well, if you have signed up for an account with us, you will get Studio points, and each time you share about our store with friends using the link provided that is unique to you, you get a $6 referral reward! You get this reward each time your friend makes a purchase from us :) You can also share the word on your social media accounts to get points. 

I would like to reach out for a collaboration. Would you be interested?

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We really appreciate you noticing our small but growing business, and will try to get back to you. Please note that we currently only have a small budget set aside for collaborations, and may not be able to give our full attention to more than one project at a time. We will reach out to you in future when are able to though 🌸 

I can't be bothered to read your terms and conditions. Can you write them here again? 

Sure! Please note that none of our items are aimed at curing any diseases, nor do we provide any services to heal, medicate or cure any conditions. All our products available for purchase, in our Etsy store or on www.svcolecciones.com are solely for entertainment purposes, and we do NOT sell them as substitutes or as alternatives to medication provided by a healthcare professional. If you have any underlying medical conditions, please seek medical advice. Please also note that we provide allergy warnings on our website, but these may not appear on the final product due to printing restrictions. If you are unsure whether or not a product will work for you, please either check with your doctor, or any medical document stating your allergies. 

Kindly refrain from buying any products you won't be able to use, or you won't be able to use around other people. Always practice caution when lighting up candles, or using scents near domestic pets, children, babies, or any other living thing - they may be affected by certain scents. 

We are not professionals in scent curation for domestic pets, and may only be able to provide general ideas of what might work with them. For more information on what scents are good for pets, please inquire with your vet. 

Please DO NOT EAT any of our products. They are NOT for consumption at all. In the event that someone or a pet ingests any of our products, seek medical attention immediately! Please also note that NONE of our products are for the eyes. They are for entertainment purposes, and only meant to be used in the suggested way. Do not use our products to prank people, especially if you do not know their allergies.

We are unable to take responsibility for anything outside of our control - everything outside of shipping your products. 

We are unable to determine your health or skin conditions, and therefore will not be able to know or take action with regards to any adverse effects. Should you have any sensitivities, please seek medical advise prior to using our products. If you are gifting our products to someone, kindly ask them if they are allergic to any scents. After processing your order, we won't be able to provide a refund as clearly stated in our refund policies. By purchasing our products, you have agreed to our Privacy Policies, and SVColección´s terms and conditions.

Thank you for shopping with us!