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La Vela de Viaje - Alone in London

La Vela de Viaje - Alone in London

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Part of our Travel Series, La Vela de Viaje - Alone in London: Bergamot & Lavender Essential Oils, White Tea Fragrance Oil

Imagine: Reading a nice book indoors while thinking about travelling, wandering about solo. 

Being in a new place, like Lone-don (puns), and doing what you've always wanted to do. 

A candle that inspires you to stop sipping on Tea and start doing your own thing!

Candles may include floral arrangements, depending on availability and season.

If the candles have cracks, dents, or frost, please note that this happens sometimes due to the curing process, but should not affect the overall quality of the product. 

Please keep the product away from sunlight.'

Contains: Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Fragrance oils

Estimated burn time: 30 hours (240ml)

~ 330g


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Are your products vegetarian?

Our products are vegan! They are made with only the essential ingredients. We also try our best to stick to using essential oils for candles, but sometimes we do include fragrance oils as well.

How many oils are used to make the candles?

The Mini Soy and Soy Tin candles are made with only 2 essential oils. This candle collection is very special because they come in a very handy tin, and every scent option is made with nature in mind.

Are your products edible?

No.. Please refrain from eating any of our products! As amazing as they smell, our products come with a label stating that they are not for consumption. Please do not eat any candle or balm, or even our pouches! Thank you for asking 🌞🥰